Monday, January 18, 2010

Here we go again...

Tomorrow marks the start of Block II at ASU. I'm nervous, but ready to get into the swing of things again.
It's been a GREAT month off, with a lot of time spent with family and my wonderful spouse. It's going to be hard to transition now to being gone for 2 full nights a week, but it's all part of the grand scheme of things. So Tues and Thurs I have class from 4:40 until 10:30pm! Insanity! At least I can rest easy knowing it's only for 4 months, and then I have the entire summer FREE!

Speaking of which, we need to plan something fun to do for Spring Break and during the summer. Any ideas? :)


  1. you can come to rocky point with room! just gas and food its a 2 bed 2 bed condo with family room kitchen and right on the beach!!

  2. oh and keep your head up in school it will all be worth it!!!!! xoxoxo