Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Block I

With Block I finally coming to an end, I have to take some time to reflect on the changes I've experienced over the last 4 months.

I started out the semester with one emotion -- fear! I was scared of everything! Scared of attending a University, scared that I wouldn't "hack it", scared that I would not make any friends, and scared that I would receive sub-par grades.

Now that the semester is ending, I feel so relieved, and PROUD. I made it through my first semester at a University, most definitely with flying colors (straight A's are expected when final grades are posted this week), and made a lot of friends. I challenged myself, and came out on top. I never considered myself to be creative, but I put together lesson plans that impressed my peers and instructors. I didn't know that I had that in me!

Halfway through the semester I started to doubt whether or not I could be a successful teacher. This doubt came from this ridiculous fear I have of presenting in front of a crowd. I thought, if I get this nervous to do a 5 minute speech in front of my peers, how in the world am I going to teach a classroom of 28+ kids?! Thankfully I have an amazing husband who stood by my side and gave me encouragement to continue on this path.

I am sure that I will have other doubts as the next 3 semesters fly by, but knowing that I have this great support system gives me the courage to take on these hurdles. I will prove to everyone that I have what it takes to be one awesome teacher. I will prove to myself that I am good enough. I will continue on this path with one goal in mind: to better the lives of my future students.

Let's git er done :)

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